Hello world!

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  1. Astronomy.com is not working at the moment.. Coming Soon

  2. AstrOceanOmy.com now works ^_^

  3. Yes…it does doesn’t it?!! Been padding around on an exploratory mission and have come to the learned…lol…opinion that it is working VERY well ūüôā You’re way ahead of me…but that comes as no great surprise! Don’t know how you got the wordy words (the fancy ones on L and R sides) but they look great and you’ve got a fantastic background ūüôā

    That’s a fine array of photos you have for a further visit from the Wordy Probe due for launch very soon…I did manage to link mine to my Skydrive at one point but it all vanished down a wordy hole without warning never to be seen again! Very happy to see you here Mundhir…

    Smiley Little Wordy Skies ūüôā

  4. Hi Europa ūüôā

    Yeah it absolutely works ūüėČ , Well about the L & R rocket missiles booster sides
    It depends on the theme options ūüôā
    Up to now, I found that Coraline theme by Automattic is the best theme
    About the background.. I had it long time ago.. created it using PhotoShop software… the same background I use it in my Twitter profile

    Well, I’m happy to see ya too ūüôā here.
    Welcome to AstrOceanOmy

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