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Astronomy Edition Mobile Phone


Turn your mobile phone into Astronomy Edition. Sounds strange right !

OK, what I had in mind before coming up with this idea is that I needed a red flash light.

Why do I need a red flashlight?

Because astronomers use very dim, red colored flashlights as to allow for their eyesight to remain as adopted to night-time vision as possible

I own so many kind of red flash lights, but the problem is that I always had to buy new batteries before going for astronomical activity at the dark skies.

But not anymore with this new Astronomy Edition Mobile Phone (AEMP™).

All what I needed are the following:

  1. Mobile phone Model Nokia 1202
  2. Red marker pen – Permanent type
  3. Mobile phone tool set

Ok, lets start:

Nokia 1202 and a Red marker pen 

Nokia 1202 and a Red marker pen


tool set

Use the tools to open the Phone



Start painting all the applicable areas;

Screen, keyboards, keypads, & flashlight


Inside and Outside for best output performance

The flashlight area on top of the phone

Done>>> looks ugly & cheap at day light but smart & professional @ night

Looks I have to reapply on the screen,

Red flashlight works very well

PinGO, Done

Yup, that it.

Now I can use my mobile in a different way ^_^

The reason Why I chose this model ( Nokia 1202) is because;

  • Its very cheap – around 10 to 15 pounds
  • Has a Monochrome screen, therefore less power consumption
  • Very lightweight & very easy to handle
  • Has a Flashlight
  • Very dim, red colored light > perfect for reading star charts,
  • Light can be turned on for the whole night with the same light power output.
  • No one will steal it… Its cheap and ugly
  • No headache if you lose it.. Just buy another one ^_^

Please share your thoughts. If you’re looking for ordinary Red flashlights, please visit AstrOceanOmy Store.