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Australian guy become a Muslim

This post has been updated on 19th March 2023 with a new video link

While browsing on Youtube, I found these videos and thought of sharing it.. This is a MUST watch, interesting one.

How Ruben (Abu Bake) Became a Muslim

Click here for Arabic Translation 2nd part only

In the video @10:45: I liked when he said: “ For those of you ask for signs have We not shown you enough already? look around you. look at the stars look at the sun and look at the water. these are the signs of the people of knowledge “.

He didn’t mention the verse.. but anyway the verse is @ Surah Al-Baqara Verse 164 >>> The Holy Qur’an

Looks he read a different English translation of the Qur’an. Because all translations are from different people.  Anyway Good point.

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