2013 The last breath


2013 was a great year in Astronomy. We’ve participated in many Astronomical Activities. Details of each event will be posted individually later InShaAllah (If God wills)

In 2013, I created a A Facebook Page, and I tend to share the most interesting news/pictures related to Astronomy from around the globe

Also I created a new Website related to Astrophotography, AstrOceanOmy.net (Under Construction Yet) However please have a look and drop me a line for any comments.

Yesterday (30th December 2013)  I had my second attempt in Astrophotography with a Telescope

AstrOceanOmy Observatory

The Orion Nebula – M42 / M43 (AstrOceanOmy Observatory) Details will be posted later!


The Picture Above was taken on 31st December 2013 at midnight Just before 2014 Smile. Notice the Constellation Orion just above my head.  The Telescope was pointing towards the Planet Jupiter, as we were observing the event of Ganymede, on of Jupiter’s moons pops-out from behind the Planet at 11:50pm (UTC+4)

M42 ISO800at30Sec

Live Long and Prosper Smile

Happy New Year

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  1. Cosmic New Year Greetings! Happy New Year 2014! Cool F.bk page 🙂
    “Live long and Prosper in the Land of AstrOceanOmy!”

    • Hi Europa :), sorry for late reply. I’m so busy this days and so lazy to post new posts. Hope your having a great year, well I’ll see you around soon 🙂
      Clear Skies

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