Earth’s Orbit arOund the Sun

29th Earth revolution around the Sun since the owner of this website was born

Screen Shot from StarryNight Pro Plus 7 

The image above is taken from the famous Starry Night Pro Plus 7 software. The red dot represents Our nearest star – The Sun.

On this Day in History – 2013, July 19th, the Cassini spacecraft photographed Earth through the rings of Saturn, and the world waved at Saturn.

Image Above: Cassini’s latest shot at that day of Saturn looking back at Earth (we’re the small blue dot in the bottom right beneath the rings), 1.44 billion km’s away.

AWB Saturn MosaicImage above is a AWB Saturn Mosaic Project, click on the image for zoom in options.

Here are some of my images which might be see included in the Mosaic:

For more information of the event, please refer to the previous post>> Our Planet around Our Star.

Clear Skies & Ramadhan Kareem

2 responses to “Earth’s Orbit arOund the Sun

  1. Congratulations on your 29 Earth revolutions! You are clearly in very good shape after spinning round a fireball for such a vast period of time!! 😉 Great the way you referenced the world waving at Saturn on that day in history…I must look into what has happened on my nth Earth revolutions day in history too! I shall be hoping that something wildly AstroOceanOmic lol will be happening on the actual present day event day too, when it comes! All because of your brainwave here 🙂 Love the mosaic too 🙂

    29 Clear Earth Skies to you Mundhir from the beautifully clear and starry skies of Europa…not that far from Saturn now I think about it…in cosmic terms that is! 🙂

    • Thanks Europa 🙂 , yeah indeed it’s a fireball.. burning and cooking us slowly 🙂 . Imagine we’re inside this Planet Earth with it’s atmosphere which acts like a mini oven, cooking mankind 😉 Well, Clear skies to you too. Please share your Earth revo history day as well when the times comes.

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