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Is it a SpaceX rocket launch?!  NO

IT’S PARTIAL ECLIPSE OF THE MOON: Last night (On July 16th-17th 2019), when the Moon rose over Muscat the Capital city of Sultanate of Oman I took 394 images from the start of lunar eclipse to the end nearing 3hrs @ when the Moon entered into umbra shadow (U1 to U4). Please scroll the pictures for markups. (1) start of Lunar Eclipse @12:01 UTC+4. (2) Peak of Eclipse. Earth shadow covering 65% of the moon. (3) Camera betters replacement, little movement in the tripod shifted the image slightly. (4) The End of Lunar eclipse @2:59 UTC+4 . The last shot I increased the ISO for the foreground, notice increase of the Moon brightness.

IMG_1774 2

The full Moon passed through the shadow of Earth , plunging as much as 65% of the lunar disk into darkness. Only a small amount of the Moon was shadowed when I saw it, “but it was magnificent” .


Sky watchers in Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America saw at least part of the 3 hour eclipse. Only North Americans were excluded.

Noiseless Final StarStaX_DSC00205-DSC00606_gap_filling

The next significant lunar eclipse won’t happen until May 2021, so if you missed this one, Mark your calendar .