A very Beautiful woman is falling down………………

A very Beautiful woman is falling down………………


A very Beautiful woman was walking on the roof of a building and she falls down.

On her way falling down, an American man catches her, She says: ‘Oh thank you, you saved my life;

?I’ll do ANYTHING for you…’The man says: ‘Okay then, sleep with me.’

She says: ‘You *&%*&^%$^&$! NEVER!!’ So he says:’FINE!’ and he drops her down….

> >So she’s falling and screaming… Suddenly a German man catches her in the air from his balcony,??She says:’Oh thank you, you saved me; I’ll do anything that you ask…’

?The guy says: ‘Fraulein, sleep with me.’

?She replies: ‘Oh you ^&%$&!!! NEVER!’ So the man says: ‘Fine!!!’ and he also drops her down again.

She’s falling and thinking that it was better if she slept with one of those men and now she’s going to die.

?Suddenly,a man catches the woman from his balcony,

She says: ‘Oh thank you, you saved my life, I’ll SLEEP with


The man replies: ‘Astaghfar Allah ‘ and he drops her!!!!!!!!




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  1. haha.. real interesing..

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