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Green Tea Kit Kat!

Kit-Kat has become the new Pocky in Japan. With an adventurous assortment of flavors, seasonal varieties, various fun sizes everyone in Japan is getting into the treat, and our international customers are as well — Nestle Kit Kat is now our best selling chocolate, and recently at least two varieties regularly appear on our top five snacks. We are happy to mark the return of our best selling Kit Kat ever — Green Tea (Matcha)! This time, we have these yummy long bars in a deluxe sized package for you, 17 2.5" long double-wafer bars individually wrapped in a single bag. The taste of the green tea is even better this year, with a mild matcha made with Uji-cha, green tea grown near Kyoto, to bring out a flavor that complements tea, coffee, or just on its own. Again, this is a limited edition Kit Kat, so we recommend to order yours before we sell out of these incredibly popular snacks again.



Basketball Rules in Palestine !

Basketball Rules in Palestine !

Rule 1: Israelis have the right to play on both sides of the court, whereas Palestinians can only play on their own side.

Rule 2:
For security reasons Palestinians do not have the right to pass the ball between players, the ball could hit an Israeli player.

Rule 3: There will be no basket on the Israeli side.

Rule 4:
Israel is allowed to shoot at any time even during

Rule 5:
Palestinians are not allowed to have supporters. Only Israelis should be supported.

Rule 6:
Israel selects the sports press writers and what they report.

Rule 7:
Israel encourages Palestinians to shoot into the Palestinian basket. Players who refuse will be nominated as
terrorists and will not be allowed to

Rule 8:
Palestinian players are allowed to leave the field, but cannot return. One exception: A Palestinian can be replaced by an Israeli!

Rule 9: Israel selects and instructs the referees, and tells them when to look away.

Rule 10:
Israel selects the captain of the Palestinian team.

Rule 11: Israeli faults and Palestinian good plays will not be shown on TV.

Rule 12: Israel takes the money which sponsors pay to Palestinians clubs.

Rule 13: Only Israeli players get refreshments.

Rule 14:
Palestinians are required to play, when and where designated by Israel.

Rule 15: Rules only apply to Palestinians; Israelis may change the rules during the game and are not required to advise the Palestinians of the changes.