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Top Selling Beginners Telescopes at Widgets

Anyone New in Astronomy, here’s the Top Selling Beginners
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Introducing The UFO Space Astro Store


Congratulations Everyone. Today I Introduce the First & New UFO Space Astronomy Store (AstroStore) .

I created this store, so I can include all the Space and Astronomy related stuff.

For Example;

  • Space & Astronomy Movies
  • Astronomy books
  • Telescopes
  • Binoculars
  • and other..Etc

This store is powered by , so all the items which you buy will be from Amazon store.

This is so great to keep all the one related stuff in one single page. This page is still Under Expansion:)

So Please If you have any ideas or what other Category I should add, please Contact me.

Please Enjoy browsing the store, and have a brilliant Day,


The AstroStore


Happy Birthday to Me

Hello everyone ,

Well, since I was born in 19th of July 1985, our planet Earth has rotated 23 times around the Sun

Congratulations to everyone , For Celebrating the 23rd Anniversary of Earth’s Revolution around the Sun & My Birthday .

Oh yeah I remember my last year birthday…I was in UK .

Please if you would like to celebrate with me, add your comments here, or in the guestbook.

23rd Anniversary

You might also send your greetings  at my personal website guestbook.

Astronomy On This Date in History- July 19th

Have a Brilliant Day,