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The Great World Wide Star Count 2008

Here comes another World Wide Star Count. Its time for you to join if you’ve missed the first one, last year and the results. If Not, then why not join again ūüôā

This star count event is for Northern & Southern Hemisphere World Wide over the planet.

The observations is between October 20 – November 3. So download the Activity Guide now to participate. before its late!

Then post your results in the reporting form.

If you are in Northern Hemisphere, you will observe/ count the stars in Cygnus, the Swan. For Southern Hemisphere you will observe/count the stars in Sagittarius, the Archer. So have fun !¬† ūüôā

Inter the Site for full information

Clear Skies,


100 Greatest Science Discoveries of All Time


This is brilliant book and very interesting History Facts

   100 Greatest Science Discoveries of All Time By Kendall Haven

   Some of the greatest astronomy discoveries are: 

    -The Sun Is the Center of the Universe

    -Planetary Motion                     -Expanding Universe

    -Jupiter’s Moons                       -Speed of Light

    -Universal Gravitation              -The Big Bang

    -Distance to the Sun                 -Accelerating Universe

                    -Galaxies                                 -Planets Exist Around Other Stars

-Black Holes                   -Dark Matter

-Anti matter¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† -And many more ūüôā|_Greatest|_Science|_Discoveries|_of|_All|_Time.pdf

The Full Book is available for free download at the sites below:

The hard Copy’s are on sell, and can be found in AstroStore

The Glory “Send Your Name Around the Earth” Project

Here’s comes another Mission from NASA which you can send your name Around the Earth !

The Glory Mission Will Increase Our Understanding of the Earth’s Energy Balance… Click here to find out more about the mission.

I have already included my name and here’s the certificate. So include yours now and be a part of the first mission dedicated to understanding the effects of aerosols and solar variability on climate by sending your name around the Earth!

The mission is scheduled for Lunch on June 15, 2009.   Send your name now before its too late!