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365 Days of Astronomy

  Less than 60 Days left, so will be in the International Year of Astronomy.

Here comes one of great planed event wish will take place next year 2009. Each Day, Every Where & Any Time  of Pod Cast.

This will be very exiting project. next year daily you will here 5-10 min of Astro Pod Cast created by Astronomy professors, Amateur astronomers, school/college groups and others from around the Planet.

You can be also part of them by recoding your own and sending it to 365 Days of Astronomy.


So Subscribe Now via RSS or iTunes, and get ready to listen to the first episode of Astronomy PodCast on January 1st 2009.

365 Days of Astronomy Trailer



India launches moon mission in Asian space race


India launches moon mission in Asian space race on October 22nd 2008.

I have received this mail from my friend time ago, but been too busy to post things up…

"It is a Historical Milestone in the Indian History.

It is great moment of National Pride.

Congratulations to the Indian Scientists & the 110 crore Indians who stand by them.

There were sanctions and  other attempts from International level to isolate India in the past.

But…Nothing could stop us from achieving this series of great successes.

“If India could associate with the erstwhile USSR for many decades, why it cannot with USA now?”.

This was the question raised by some people on the occasion of shameful 123 agreement with USA.

It is crystal clear that India always benefited with decades-long association with USSR.

We got sufficient help & technology transfer from Russia.

Along with the hard work and sincerity of our scientist community we can notice the success of our Policies in this sector adopted by visionary leadership under former Prime Ministers like Nehru and Indira Gandhi.

We can easily feel this huge difference in approaches and policies from the recent foolish 123 agreement through which India is NOT getting any Technology transfer."

For more info please click here

Windows Live Spaces

Congratulations India and welcome to Space 🙂