Astronomer’s Strange Day

What a Day.. After deciding to go out for a star walk/gazing @ night

I saw so many weird things going on  by Aliens ^_^  I mean couples at the dark site. See for example:-


 Aliens at dark site

Well!  What do you think? Please share your story!

Aliens, Please stay out of my way ^_^  I’m trying to focus…

3 responses to “Astronomer’s Strange Day

  1. …Wait a moment..Today is Valentine’s Day, 🙂
    Happy V-day to all who are celebrating.. Sorry I’m lonely and I do not celebrate such events like this..
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    • Oh dear Mundhir! So sorry to hear you are lonely …. I send heart warming skies to you my friend!

      Well! Those “aliens” in the moon are certainly acting very strangely!! lol 😉 The wierd and wonderful rituals of these off-world lifeforms is quite mind boggling and wholly inexplicable! It is positively amazing what can be seen when you look up into the cosmic realms is it not?!! “The Universe Yours to Discover!!!!” Of course if that was Icewolf I would be gazing at the awesome volcanic “Ra Patera” plume on Io, the neighboring moon of Icewolf homeworld moon Europa 🙂 And who knows what awesome valentines visions could be seen in the heart of that firey blue plume? 🙂

      • Hi Europa, thanks for the heart warming skies.
        You’re absolutely right.. “The Universe Yours to Discover!!!!”
        I think I’ve discovered something unique.. Aliens acting very strangely @ the moon light.. I’ll report it to the team… 🙂

        As for your side.. I can’t imagine what awesome views could be seen in blue plume > The moon Europa.. 18+ only 🙂 Please investigate it and report it to the team as well.. 🙂

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