Hilal Ramadan (The Moon) sighting


Hello everyone, Its been awhile for me to post things up..so busy with other works. Anyway Today in Muscat-Oman the Hilal (new Moon) will be clear visible all across the country under clear environment skies. Something rare but not always. So take your chance today to scan the skies and find the Hilal of Ramadan.

Hilal The Moon on 21st August 2009 at 5H50M PM Westside nearly 265 Degree in Muscat.

Hopefully everybody will have the chance and able to locate and see the Moon today 🙂

The Moon will set at 7:09 PM & the Sun will set at 6:33 PM. So still around 30 minuets to locate and explore the Moon. 🙂

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  1. Hi everyone, still some difficulties and challenge to spot the Hilal. Congratulations to everyone who worked on this event. Hilal was visible in some locations Like Adam, Al Suwayiq, Al Buraimy and others… I’m in Muscat the Capital of Oman; here I wasn’t able to spot Hilal duo to the Sunset light and dusty skies under the horizon of the city. ;)Anyway Its Ramadan Tomorrow. I wish you all a happy month :)Clear Skies,Mundhir

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