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Note from AstrOceanOmy

Dear Everyone,

I would like to announce that Microsoft had decided
to shutdown the Spaces services few months back. In the process of that, this Space will remain
on the net upto March next year, or until I upgrad it to WordPress blogging service.

At the moment I’m having some
problems to backup my hard work on this Space, but soon once things solve out, I
will immediately shift to WordPress blogging service. Please follow up in my
profile or website for the new link in the next coming weeks…

Mary Christmas & Happy New Lunar & Solar Year in advance

Clear Skies,


Crescent Visibility Report for Sha’ban 1431‏

Crescent Visibility Report for Sha’ban 1431 (Monday 12th July 2010) Based on settings*

(Sha’ban) is one of the Arabic months – See the Islamic Calendar


* Settings:-

– Moon Times from:  12/07/2010 CE   To:  12/07/2010 CE

– OMAN Muscat, Long: 58:35:36.0, Lat: 23:36:48.0, Ele:21.0, Zone:4.00

– Refraction Settings: Temperature: 30 °C   Pressure: 1011 mb

– Delta T: 65.2 Second(s)

Timing: (12th/07/2010)                   Sun                                       Moon

Rise:                                               5:26                                       05:48

Transit:                                           12:11                                      12:41

Set:                                                18:55                                      19:29

Age of Moon: Waxing Crescent : ~ 0.89 days old.

Set Time difference : 34 minutes

Based on the astronomical calculations, the Crescent (Hilal) will be visible across the country. In North of Oman and the Capital Muscat, the Hilal will only be visible thru optical aid such as Binoculars and Telescope. If we go towards South of Oman, the chances of visibility increases as it could be possible to sight Hilal by Naked eye. As shown in the graph photo above. (Graph produced by Accurate Times software)

However the chances for Crescent visibility either by using optical aid or naked eye depend on many other factors:-


The first factor which I have described above, in which astronomical calculations indicates the possibility to view Hilal in the sky.


The second factor is the age of the Hilal (Crescent waxing)

The Waxing Crescent here is 0.90 days old, which is still young.


The third factor is the sky conditions and location itself, which always plays a big role for the crescent visibility in the sky.

The fourth factor depends on the physical health and skills/talent of the person sight – Perfect vision and / or the conditions of the optical aid used, such as optical quality & performance.

All of factors mentioned above play around with each other. If one of the factor fails, then sighting becomes very very difficult if not impossible.

MY sighting result for today’s report

Equipment used: 10X50mm DPS R Olympus Binoculars, Field of view 6.5 degrees

I have failed to sight the Hilal because of the following factors:

First comes the third factor

and also the second factor played around well. It was hard to view from my location..Muscat the Capital City of Oman.

Location all surrounded by buildings, motor pollution and so on..

My previous similar post: Eid Al Fitr 2009 Moon waxing crescent sighting

Clear Skies  ^_^

Mundhir has something great to reveal!‏



Who is the hero of the world?

Solar Observer – The first magazine of solar astronomy

Dear everyone,

Welcome to Solar Observer, the first magazine of solar astronomy.


Scheduled to be launch by Spring 2010.

FREE of charge for issue 1, in PDF format!

Free subscription for up-to-date information!

Sign up now at Solar Observer.

Life After Death

Do you believe in life after Death?

BOSS said to an employee: Do you believe in life after Death?

EMPLOYEE: ‘Certainly not! There’s no proof of it’, he replied.

BOSS: ‘Well, there is now. After you left early yesterday to go to your uncle’s funeral, he came here looking for you…..!

ISS Space Junk Reentry ALERT





The EAS photographed on July 23, 2007, by ISS astronauts





As Received from my e-mail yesterday 1st Nov 2008 from Space Weather News.

"More than a year ago, in July 2007, International Space Station astronauts threw an obsolete, refrigerator-sized ammonia reservoir overboard. Ever since, the 1400-lb piece of space junk has been circling Earth in a decaying orbit–and now it is about to reenter. If predictions are correct, the "Early Ammonia Servicer" (EAS for short) will turn into a brilliant fireball as it disintegrates in Earth’s atmosphere during the early hours of Monday, Nov. 3rd. Uncertainties in the exact reentry time are so great (plus or minus 15 hours at the time of this alert) that it is impossible to pinpoint where the fireball will appear. At the moment, every continent except Antarctica has some favorable ground tracks.

Readers should check our Satellite Tracker ( for possible overflights. Before reentry, the EAS will seem about as bright as a 2nd or 3rd magnitude star, similar to the stars of the Big Dipper. During re-entry, the disintegrating reservoir could light up like a full Moon. Flyby predictions should be regarded as approximate because the orbital elements of the EAS are now changing so rapidly. Updates will be posted on "

Well I just hope it wont hit anyone 🙂 . I wonder if it hits my car! Will the insurance company pay for it  🙂

For more updates and whether the EAS will hit your car or not. 🙂 Please visit the link below.

Blog List Updates


  Hi everyone, 

 there are some changes in my blog, as you can see I have deleted the websites list. and made all the links more organized into folders as you can see in the right picture. For example if you click Astronomy folder, you will see all the links which are related to Astronomy. Moreover you can use the search box above to find on what your looking for.           







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From Mundhir, after Graduation & Vacation

Hi everyone, hope you’re all well. long time I didn’t update my space coz I was and still too busy with my works. anyway I’m currently looking for a job . and yeah soon I’ll post some of my graduation pictures and vacation pictures. I’ll try all if I can. I have got now BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering with good grade 🙂 . I wanted to study Masters this year, but my mum suggests me to work and gain experience first which I think is right thing to do. I might work now for 1 or 2 years then complete my studies. I might get study scholarship from the company itself who knows. anyways keep visiting ma space blog for more updates. Soon

Have a nice day 🙂



Global Warming news

Stop Global Warming Virtual March

Live Earth is a monumental music event that will bring together more than 2 billion people on 7/7/07 to raise awareness about global warming. Artists include Beastie Boys, John Mayer, Madonna, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, The Police, and many more including Virtual March partners Bon Jovi, Damien Rice, and Taking Back Sunday.

As Al Gore notes in his July 1 New York Times op-ed, "Next Saturday, on all seven continents, the Live Earth concert will ask for the attention of humankind to begin a three-year campaign to make everyone on our planet aware of how we can solve the climate crisis in time to avoid catastrophe. Individuals must be a part of the solution" (Click here to read Gore’s NYT essay "Moving Beyond Kyoto").

Live Earth will ask everyone who attends or listens to the concerts to sign a personal pledge to take specific steps to combat climate change. Click here to sign the pledge now.

And in other music news…

The Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee on June 14-17 was a great success. Thanks to our friends at Superfly and NRDC, we were able to interview many of the top artists performing to gather their thoughts on this urgent issue.

Please visit our sister site at to see our interviews with Ben Harper, New York antifolk songwriter Regina Spektor, singer-songwriters and Virtual Marchers Damien Rice and Ben Jelen, STS9, EL-P, Questlove from The Roots, John Bell from Widespread Panic, Michael Franti, lead singer Chris Collingwood of Fountains of Wayne and Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother. And watch our pieces on the innovative behind-the-scenes greening that takes place at Bonnaroo.

Click Here to watch the video clips at MSN.

Most consumer packaging is not only a huge waste of resources, but also harmful to our environment. But there are encouraging signs that businesses are becoming greener as they realize profits and protecting the environment are not mutually exclusive. As consumers, we have a powerful voice to question packaging choices and demand change.

Our partner NRDC has been working diligently to put an end to the petrol-based CD jewel case. After three years of discussions, Warner Music Group, and its CD and DVD manufacturer Cinram, the largest CD maker in the world, and its printer Ivy Hill, agreed to a replacement of the petroleum-based CD and DVD jewel case. The replacement of this polluting product will be a mini-album sleeve , made of 100% post-consumer paper and wrapped in an ag-waste plastic wrapper, or, if available, an ag-waste based plastic jewel case. Getting rid of the petroleum-based CD jewel case is a great green step forward, as more than a billion of them are manufactured each year.

In another development, Virtual Marcher and environmentalist Bill McKibben has been guiding the United States Postal Service to eliminate toxins in its packaging and inks. To learn more about this, watch the "Paper or Plastic" episode of the Sundance Channel’s series Big Ideas for a Small Planet, available via iTunes.

With the Fourth of July holiday this week, it’s a great time to remind U.S. leaders about the need for real solutions to global warming. We encourage you to support the efforts of Virtual March partner and sign their "Declaration of New Patriotism" that thousands of online supporters helped draft. They are hoping to collect at least 75,000 signatures to deliver to Congress by July 4th. The Declaration begins:

"Global warming is the crisis of our time. As we prepare to celebrate our nation’s birthday, we renew our commitment to the qualities and values that have guided our nation for more than 200 years. Today, we recognize that patriotism is not only about love of country. It is also about a shared commitment to the welfare of our planet.

Click Here to sign the Declaration of New Patriotism

This week the Virtual March grew to over 832,000 marchers! Recent partners include, the new green health community, and P.S. 8 3rd Grade Earth Protectors, from Brooklyn, NY

Keep Marching!
Laurie David


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Tomb Raider


Waw. Tomb Raider always comes up with great adventure levels game. Its my first and best adventure game I played since I got my first PC in 1995. Great, now I’ll be waiting for Tomb Raider 8. hope it comes out soon. If you have played this game, please post your comments and thoughts  about this great game.

For more Tomb Raider Pictures click here.

Tomb Raider official websiteEIDOS

Plus go to and for more games secrets, tips etc.

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