When We Left Earth – The NASA Missions

Stay tuned for WHEN WE LEFT EARTH – THE NASA MISSIONS on Sundays 9PM ep


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Below is very interesting powerpoint presentation file about Space Shuttle Processing. Before flight activates, rarely seen by the general public.

       http://cid-e86e1f4a59731028.skydrive.live.com/embedrowdetail.aspx/Astronomy/PowerPoint/Other/Discover|_the|_Discovery.pps     Enjoy 🙂                        

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  1. Don\’t miss the final two episodes of the Discovery Channel series When We Left Earth this Sunday, June 22, at 9PM! For the space program\’s 50th anniversary, NASA has unlocked it\’s vaults to reveal mission and training footage completely restored and remastered for this limited HD television experience. For more info, visit: http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/nasa/nasa.html

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