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25th Earth revolution around the Sun and the 1st since the previous post

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Crescent Visibility Report for Sha’ban 1431‏

Crescent Visibility Report for Sha’ban 1431 (Monday 12th July 2010) Based on settings*

(Sha’ban) is one of the Arabic months – See the Islamic Calendar


* Settings:-

– Moon Times from:  12/07/2010 CE   To:  12/07/2010 CE

– OMAN Muscat, Long: 58:35:36.0, Lat: 23:36:48.0, Ele:21.0, Zone:4.00

– Refraction Settings: Temperature: 30 °C   Pressure: 1011 mb

– Delta T: 65.2 Second(s)

Timing: (12th/07/2010)                   Sun                                       Moon

Rise:                                               5:26                                       05:48

Transit:                                           12:11                                      12:41

Set:                                                18:55                                      19:29

Age of Moon: Waxing Crescent : ~ 0.89 days old.

Set Time difference : 34 minutes

Based on the astronomical calculations, the Crescent (Hilal) will be visible across the country. In North of Oman and the Capital Muscat, the Hilal will only be visible thru optical aid such as Binoculars and Telescope. If we go towards South of Oman, the chances of visibility increases as it could be possible to sight Hilal by Naked eye. As shown in the graph photo above. (Graph produced by Accurate Times software)

However the chances for Crescent visibility either by using optical aid or naked eye depend on many other factors:-


The first factor which I have described above, in which astronomical calculations indicates the possibility to view Hilal in the sky.


The second factor is the age of the Hilal (Crescent waxing)

The Waxing Crescent here is 0.90 days old, which is still young.


The third factor is the sky conditions and location itself, which always plays a big role for the crescent visibility in the sky.

The fourth factor depends on the physical health and skills/talent of the person sight – Perfect vision and / or the conditions of the optical aid used, such as optical quality & performance.

All of factors mentioned above play around with each other. If one of the factor fails, then sighting becomes very very difficult if not impossible.

MY sighting result for today’s report

Equipment used: 10X50mm DPS R Olympus Binoculars, Field of view 6.5 degrees

I have failed to sight the Hilal because of the following factors:

First comes the third factor

and also the second factor played around well. It was hard to view from my location..Muscat the Capital City of Oman.

Location all surrounded by buildings, motor pollution and so on..

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Clear Skies  ^_^